About Linda Mariano

My career as hair stylist and hair colorist began in 1977 in New York. Since then, I have been dedicated to excellence in my craft. I am constantly learning, always strive to improve and remain on the forefront of current styles and trends.

First and foremost I am an Artist. I began painting and drawing as a child and was able to comprehend the laws of color at a very young age. And at the age of sixteen I choose to direct my creative drive towards hair.

Over the years, I have pursued many art forms, such as painting, photography, including hand painted black and white, permanent and temporary murals and Mehndi and Temporary Body Art.

What does this have to do with hair?

All of my artistic experience has contributed to developing a well trained eye for the underlying principles of composition. Using design elements such as shape, contrast, balance, graduation, depth and focal point I create the most flattering and functional look for my grateful clients. And, I combine this with a kind and caring awareness for their needs. 

Art chose me!  Thus, I choose art to enrich the lives of others.

I empower people by helping them to feel better about themselves and teaching them how to stay at the top of their game. 

My elected mediums are: Hair color and cut, makeup, skincare, temporary body art and photography.

From a holistic approach I consult on health, exercise and nutrition.

I love sharing my knowledge of art, technology, and shameless self-promotion.