Specializing in Creative and Corrective Hair Color 

My core belief:  I will not paint everyone with the same brush.

To deviate from this concept is to cease to address the needs of the individual.

If you are a new visitor to this website, I assume you are searching to find a hair colorist  and stylist who is not indifferent to your needs.

Maybe you have suffered from a lack of sensitivity and/or proficiency in the past.

Congratulations! You have done your homework and found a colorist that understands the art, science and psychology of color.

I make people sparkle!  Linda


You know what I’m talking about - the sounds... the smells... not to mention the inane personal dramas! You need a great hairdresser, but you’d rather spend your valued time and money in a more pleasant environment, right? 

Well look no further, here’s the solution.

40-year veteran hair stylist and foremost hair color expert, Linda Mariano, also wanted this for her long-established and loyal patronage, so she created Saving Grace Salon, a private studio on Ventura Boulevard where Linda performs her artistry in hair color and hair cuts.

Linda states, “Before anything else, what a person wants from a hairstylist is talent, creativity and concern for their needs. Additionally, there are needs for a great location, a soothing environment, as well as ample parking.” 

Thanks to Salon Republic in Studio City, Linda is able to create this environment in a private studio, a saving grace for her grateful clientele. Long time client Karen Childs says, 

“It’s such an intimate setting. Linda puts all her focus on me, and gets it right every time!”